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kj [NA/Hieron]:
As you've already made the distinction for videos/streams and screens/art, why not add in an extra forum for fanfiction/RP? This would ideally get a subforum for character profiles (possibly split by faction? Or they could just be lumped together in one forum), and RP threads/discussion, which would leave the standalone stories/fanfiction in the main/parent forum. The game has extensive lore behind it even if a lot of it isn't shown ingame, and this would also fill the void left by Bless Roleplayers being closed as well as appease the lore-junkies such as myself.

Also, a spot for character presets might be a good idea, with subforums based on faction. With Bless Source gone, there's no place to share them at all without getting lost in the shuffle of other things.

I'll add those when I get home. ^^ What do you mean by character presets, though?

kj [NA/Hieron]:
We're able to save/load character presets in character creation, so I figured it would be cool to have a place for members to share them with one another.

Ahh, ok. I can add that, sure!


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